Artificial Bamboo Poles

To find the best selection of Artificial Bamboo Poles, check out Plantworks in Las Vegas, NV.


Plantworks has used commercial grade artificial foliage for over 30 years to create complete landscapes, key permanent property accents and replica tree and plant forms. The manufacturing of architectural elements replicating natural landscaping began when major projects had design requirements that live plants could not achieve.

Artificial foliages have several major property advantages:

•             Minimal long-term maintenance costs

•             Environmentally friendly (a “green” building material) and uses little water

•             100% design integrity: instant color and mature growth

•             Fixed, initial cost able to be amortized

Plantworks creates custom designs using artificial silk foliages to our client’s specifications for each project.  We design artificial silk floral arrangements, custom artificial trees, and artificial silk plants.

Amongst our most popular items are our custom made trees built on natural wood with artificial silk foliage.  Plantworks has designed interior landscapes using many types of trees, some of the most popular species have been: Oak Trees, Pine Trees, Maple Trees, Ficus Trees, Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees, Dracaena Marginata Trees and Kentia Palms.  Plantworks can build any size tree to your specifications on natural wood: Manzanita, Grapevine, Aspen, and Oak to name a few. Artificial silk ferns and silk flowering plants make beautiful under plantings to any tree.

Accent pieces like artificial succulents, moss balls & boxwood balls for example, make a great statement in your homes, businesses, and in commercial landscapes. Artificial plants such as sanseveria, zamia, & bird of paradise or floral arrangements using commercial grade silk flowers can bring that touch of color to any space.

About Plantworks

The Plantworks designs, installs and specifies interior plantscapes for the gaming, hospitality, wholesale, retail and themed entertainment markets. The company is based in Las Vegas, Nevada in a 10,000 sq. ft. showroom and manufacturing facility. Quality, creativity and professionalism are the foundations of every Plantworks’ project. From hotels, casinos, resorts and themed entertainment to community centers, restaurants and private estates, The Plantworks provides only the highest quality of plants and accessories. The Company specializes in commercial grade, lifelike artificial foliage using artificial flowers, silk plants and trees – along with their specialized UV Rated Polyblend® exterior foliage, used for exterior plants. In addition, the Company specializes in authentic looking interior trees that use natural wood trunks while incorporating artificial components. From large artificial trees to decorative artificial flowers, The Plantworks is here to bring the beauty of outside indoors, for commercial and/or private use.

Artificial Bamboo Poles and More

Artificial bamboo poles are a welcome option when you are looking at decorating your home and adding a certain amount of drama in your home. These artificial bamboo decors come in various sizes and shapes and a wide spectrum of color scheme so as to suit every ones taste of home décor. The fake bamboo poles look so natural and realistic that it is very difficult to differentiate them from the naturally occurring bamboo poles. The usual sizes of these synthetic poles of bamboo that is available in the market range from about two feet in height to as much as 25 feet.

They are very easy and simple to install. The dealers sell the artificial bamboo poles in modular form. One just needs to assemble the different pieces together to come up with the beautifully crafted fake artificial poles. Because of this the costs of transport too will not be high as they can be packaged into very small containers. Earlier these silk bamboo poles were predominantly manufactured in china and delivered across the globe. But now within North America itself there are many manufacturers who are able to manufacture high quality artificial plants and trees for the American market.

One can create beautiful avant garde home décor using these artificial bamboo poles. The usual decoration schemes with the silk bamboo poles are to use them as the corner decorations to highlight a particular corner in the house or to create a small waterfall within the house for added appeal. It has been noticed that when homes are decorated with either natural or artificial plants then the house looks warmer and more inviting. But having and maintaining living plants inside ones home is very difficult. There are many reasons for this: ensuring that the water and sun light are not too high or too less, ensuring that the plants are free from insects and bugs. Also it is important to check that the water stains, mud etc does not spoil the floor of the house too. If ones job requires us to keep traveling, then getting helps to ensure that the plants are watered regularly is another problem.

In such a scenario the artificial plants and trees along with the artificial bamboo poles come to the rescue of the garden lover. One can invest in these silk wonders and create a home resplendent with greenery. One can use them to create a beautiful garden outside too. This artificial greenery does not require any watering nor do they require sunlight. They do not die because of excess cold or frost and would look verdant and fresh throughout the year without much maintenance. One just needs to ensure that the dirt collected on the plant surfaces is wiped clean so that dirt deposits are not formed. One can wipe the surface with a moist cloth and make them look as good as new. If there is too much of dirt deposit one can use soap water solution to clean the plant and the stalks. Once they are washed it is a good idea to dry them.

The artificial plants are coated with fire retardant so you need not worry about increasing the fire risk in your home or office because of the plants. More even when you install the plants outside, you need not worry about the sun rays damaging the color of the leaves or trunk, flowers etc.  This is because the plants that are used in external surroundings have an extra protective coating which gives it the essential protection against ultra violet rays of the sun.

The materials used for making the artificial plants and trees are of the best possible materials which ensures that the shapes and the colors last for a long time to come. In fact though the price of the artificial plants might look costly at the first instance when you think of it the total price of maintenance then the artificial plants will come much cheaper than the natural ones. Once you buy these plants you can safely assume that they will last for more than five years or so with a very simple care regimen. This is the reason why most of the current generation is going in for the silk plants and trees to enhance the décor.

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Artificial Bamboo Poles

The Plantworks facility, built in 1997, was created especially to accommodate our 10,000-square-ft manufacturing operation, floral design studio, storage for our raw wood materials, and our Interior Landscape Design Center. Our inventory of artificial plants, trees, flowers, and floral vases and accessories are truly one of a kind. For more information, Visit Plantworks.


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Artificial Bamboo Poles

Plantworks has manufactured its award-winning artificial plants and trees using domestically harvested natural wood and cane trunks. All wood comes from renewable materials, such as Bamboo. Bamboo and Curly Willow are harvested using environmentally safe methods. Manzanita Wood is harvested from national preserves with issued permits, which keep natural habitats and aid in ecology. For …


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